Lex van Kooten was born in Amsterdam. Here, in the capital of The Netherlands, he studied guitar and piano at the Conservatoire from 1987 till 1989. But also before that time, Lex was busy with music and spun records often. During these nights Lex discovered house music. In 1989, he decided to quit his DJ career and his study to start producing music. He did this with the production name ‘Kubrick’. First, Lex made his productions in his home-recording studio. In 1994, he moved to his own studio business. But when the market collapsed, because of the illegal downloading, the record companies stopped spending money, Lex closed his studio in 2002.

From that moment on, Lex restarted his DJ career at several places. For example: Palladium(Resident), Sensation, ID&T (Cineac), Hotel Arena, Ocean Diva, Hillside Beach (Istanbul/Dalaman), Jimmy Woo, Club Home/Sinners, Escape, It, Bloomingdale en Republiek.



In the period up to 2002 Lex made the following productions: Kick It For Me - 1992, Whities On The Moon - 1993, The Love Sequel - 1994, The Love Vibration 1995, Love Vibration (The Tuff & Jam Mixes) - 1996, Part Two - 1997

He also has several productions and remixes released on: EMI UK, Arcade, ZYX Music, EVA Move The House, Volume Records, Flarenash Records, Public Demand, NCA Old Skool Classics, Fonky Vibe, Fresh Fruit, Liquid Music UK, Leftfield UK, Urban Sound of Amsterdam, BMG


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